Author: <span class="vcard">Joyce Sullivan</span>

While visiting Millersburg, Ohio, Chris Schwarz ran across a couple of chairs made around 1790-1820 or so. Interestingly enough, it was hard to sit in the chairs, as they were made for smaller people with tinier waists. So a plan to recreate the chairs is being hatched, complete with diy chair plans coming soon. Chris writes: To my eye, they look remarkably modern. I love that the rake of the spindles and legs are in opposition to each other. The…

Wood Projects

So you want to turn a pencil holder and want to see an example on how to do it before you go and goof up a few times. Here I present Dan’s wood working’s video to show how to make an orange osage pencil holder so you can see how a pro makes one. Don’t mind the rock music. I hope you make yourself this attractive pencil holder and enjoy the satisfaction of knowing how to turn one yourself. See…

Wood Projects

After loosing my Dad at the end of January wanted to make something to honor him, he was a proud Airman his whole life and a minister for 50 years, so we came up with this design and added the drawer, it is made of oak that was over 100 years old that we saved from being destroyed by fire.

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