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Having a beautiful bed can transform any bedroom.  It’s the most important piece in your bedroom, but can also be the most expensive. Over a decade ago, I built my first farmhouse bed (pictured above).  We still use it today, it’s still as strong and sturdy and beautiful as ever.  And it only cost about $120 to build then – thousands less than buying! Farmhouse Bed Plans We updated the original farmhouse bed plans to use less tools, less materials,…

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Our part is complete…now it’s off to the printers. Hey folks! Here is part 03 ( the final ) of the engagement box. You’ll see we used Miller’s dowels through the edges, along with some ebony stain to make the inside of the drawer box “disappear” when the drawer/ring box is removed. All in all […] The post Episode 637 – Engagement Box Part 03 is written by tom appeared first on THE UNPLUGGED WOODSHOP TORONTO.

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