Build Your Own Wooden Lawn Chairs

Looking at the price of summer wooden lawn chairs, they are indeed pricey.

So let’s see if we can get the plans and designs for a summer wood chaise from our favorite wood expert.

These beautiful and inexpensive outdoor lounge chairs were designed by Ana White and built by Brook over at Being Brook 
We really wanted to make these chaise lounges very affordable, so they are 24″ wide to conserve wood – made of 1x3s which tend to be significantly cheaper than their slightly larger buddies, 1x4s.

The frame itself is made of sturdy 2x6s, and we used a simple bolt for the hinge.  Can you see it?

To get the back to rest at different angles, there is notch-outs that fit a 2×4.

And then you can go into full recline mode and the stop block fits under the back legs!!!  
Of course we have the plans right here for you – but please, take a second and stop over and read Brook’s post on building these lounge chairs and her tips and tricks!  Thanks Brook!

We think this is the cat’s whisker’s when it comes to classy comfortable wooden lawn chairs you can build in an afternoon. Give it a try!

See how to build these wooden summer chairs here.

Or, if you wish, learn to whittle, discover the Sailmakers Palm.

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