Diy Chair Plans

While visiting Millersburg, Ohio, Chris Schwarz ran across a couple of chairs made around 1790-1820 or so.

Interestingly enough, it was hard to sit in the chairs, as they were made for smaller people with tinier waists.

So a plan to recreate the chairs is being hatched, complete with diy chair plans coming soon.

Chris writes:

, Diy Chair Plans, Wood Reports, Wood Reports

To my eye, they look remarkably modern. I love that the rake of the spindles and legs are in opposition to each other. The armbow, of course, is also a piece of work. It’s laminated from two pieces – both steambent as far as I could tell.

While I would love to make a faithful copy of this chair, I don’t think that’s a good starting point. The seat is incredibly small. I do not have a reputation for a large posterior. In fact, several rescue parties have been dispatched to find my missing butt. My wife often jokes that when we become rich she will pay for implants for me.

But when I sat in the chair I felt like a cork in a wine bottle.

, Diy Chair Plans, Wood Reports, Wood Reports

I look forward to the pictures of the slightly larger chair made from Chris’s diy chair plans and his project for later in the year. It should look as modern and comfortable as those antique chairs he found, but allow for a modern age butt.

, Diy Chair Plans, Wood Reports, Wood Reports