How To Remove Tape Residue From Wood and Plastic

Ever wonder how to remove tape residue from wood and plastic? It happens with duct tape, scotch tape, and others.

It starts when you tape something onto a desk, or even in the car somewhere, and when you go to remove it, the plastic part of the tape comes off, but the sticky adhesive stays behind.

Fortunately, there’s a way to easily remove even the most difficult scotch tape residue.

, How To Remove Tape Residue From Wood and Plastic, Wood Reports
How to Remove Tape Residue

Scotch Tape Residue Removal

, How To Remove Tape Residue From Wood and Plastic, Wood Reports
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What you’ll need to remove tape residue is one of two solvents that are safe for wood and plastic.

They are naptha and turpentine. You only need one. Some jurisdictions naptha is not available, but it is the most effective for getting rid of tape residue without harming the underlying wood or plastic.

I was able to get the turpentine to work well enough to remove the adhesive, though it took some serious rubbing. I’m not sure what I would have tried if there hadn’t been that old can of turpentine. The most likely solution that comes to mind is to try a blow dryer. It shouldn’t get hot enough to damage the plastic, but it might soften the adhesive enough to make it possible to rub off. Though this would probably create a mess.

Simply wet a cloth or paper towel with the solvent of choice and rub gently with a bit of pressure.

The solvent will dissolve the tape residue and in a few minutes you’ll have a clean and shiny surface.