Portable Leather Sharpening Kit Part 3

This handy portable leather sharpening kit can roll up nicely and be taken most anywhere. It is comfortable in the hand, feels soft and nice, and can let you sharpen most anything. The handy snaps let you keep it secure so it doesn’t come undone when you don’t want it to.

With the three different sharpening stones, you can really do all the sharpening you need. You can do course grinding, refine it with the finer grain stones, and then get things really sharp with the ultra fine sharpening stone. Since it fits in your toolbox so easily, this will become your favorite sharpening kit in your arsenal.

Here is the third part in a 3 part series that shows how to make this portable leather sharpening kit yourself.

portable leather sharpening kit, Portable Leather Sharpening Kit Part 3, Wood Reports
leather sharpening kit unfolded

The kit unrolled, showing coarse and fine India stones and strop. 

The stone holders are made from 3/4″ pine, excavated from solid pieces. I selected stock that was effectively quartersawn. They have a 3/4″ border on each side, and 1 1/8″ on each end. For 8″ x 3″ India stones, that comes out to 10 1/4″ x 4″. The strop is made from 1/2″ plywood, sized to match.

For the main holders, I planed the stock down to 1/2″ thick. These stones are 1/2″. I excavated 1/4″ deep recesses in all the holders, so that leaves 1/4″ of stone above the holder. The loose center holder is 3/4″, with a recess on each side.


Here is how the portable leather sharpening kit looks like when it is folded up. It fits in the hand nicely and is very comfortable to hold.

portable leather sharpening kit, Portable Leather Sharpening Kit Part 3, Wood Reports
Leather sharpening kit folded up

Ready to make this leather sharpening kit? Here’s the full instructions to part 3 of the leather sharping kit project.

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