The Return of the Welshman

Do you like Welsh wood working? If you do, you are in for a treat. Chris Williams, of WelshStickChairs is coming to the USA do discuss the life and times of John Brown. He’s writing a book on that real soon now, and wants to start the buzz now.

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Chris Williams and those Welsh Stick Chairs

Working with Chris is always a blast of chairmaking, stock prep, talking, planning, arguing, asking questions and generally giving each other the business about how the other makes chairs. Plus beer.

In fact, it’s so time-consuming that I’ve barely had time to do anything else (except prepare a couple hundred handles for lump hammers).

When Chris arrives, he always brings a big dose of Welsh culture to the shop – this year he brought along a Welsh flag to help set the mood for the class. He’s even tried to teach us a few more Welsh words, though the only one I can remember sounds like the words “bad TV” to my American ears.

And we are hoping to give him an equal dose of American craft culture. Last year we took him deep into Eastern Kentucky to explore the roots of chairmaker Chester Cornett. This year we plan to take him up to a huge Amish community in Ohio to revel in their sawmills, excellent fried chicken and cheesemaking. Oh, and maybe some old tools.

But before we can have any fun, we have to complete six chairs with some eager and talented students.

If the idea of beer, an interesting wood working workshop, and some time connecting with like minded wood loving folks, then head over to this page and see if you can get yourself invited.

Chris will be in Ohio this year, and it’s in Amish territory, so be ready for some excellent fried chicken and cheese that is hand made.

, The Return of the Welshman, Wood Reports, Wood Reports